Before embarking on this popular destination called cyberspace, this traveller's guide is the exact thing that you need. It is, after all, a strange place with strangers . But this guide is created for such ice-breaking; being structured with user-friendly signs and signals so that you will never get lost. Even if you do, just hit the return button or start back at our map at the bottom of each page.

But now is not the time to look back, the whistle is blowing for you to depart. Pack up your creativity, and leave behind linearity. Forget about your passport, forget about visas. In this holiday destination called cyberspace, all you have to do is to explore...

'The purest product of humanism is the religion of art - whose purpose is to give back to man his 'expectations', by starting him on the 'voyage' to the limitless space.' - Roger Garaudy

(The below image shows our home map. Move your mouse over different parts of the town and explore whichever parts that you prefer. However, if you fancy a more textual form of our home map, click here to open a content page.)
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