Conclusion - Have a pleasant journey.

The art of Zen teaches its followers to have a "beginner's mind". That is, to live life as if one is seeing and learning everything for the first time. For the art of Hypertravelling, we have proposed our peripatetics to have a traveller's mind, because that condition is necessary to enjoy the experience of Cyberspace to its fullest, and also the how hypertext can illuminate many cross-cutting aspects in and out of Cyberspace.

It is to our hopes that this guide have been helpful, albeit not perfect. After all, we are all fellow travellers here, and some of us have started off our journey a bit earlier, others a bit later to jump on the wagon. We all are still exploring, and our stories of different places will continue this circle of perpetual restlessness.

No matter which point of travel we are along this circle, Cyberspace precludes that we do not come to an end

Project by:
Kyris Ang Chern Kwang
Ma ShaoLing

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