Police Stations
—Hackering and security in Cyberspace

As free as travelling in Cyberspace may be, there must be a form of governance. A society's order places emphasis on Hobbes' http://www.ets.uidaho.edu/mickelsen/texts/Weber%20-%20History/hobbes.htm thesis of secure against violence; Law's enforcement of aggrements' and Locke's http://www.infoplease.com/cgi-bin/birthday?date=8-29-2000 confirmation that possessions must remain stable. The 21st century advent of Internet does not stray too far away from such basic beliefs. Thus, it is wrong to think that a brief travel in Cyberspace need not follow the basic rules of the game, and a violation of such rules may land you in hot soup!

The cost of committing a cyber-crime, if caught, is about to get more expensive. However, the pursuit of cyber-crime is hampered by a lack of manpower, technology, hazy jurisdictional issues and weak laws. There is also the problem of private sectors cooperating with law enforcement investigations in pursuit of cyber-criminals. One interesting lingo by the "MSNBC" to sum up the difficulties in implementing cyber laws is that - "The Internet Emperor has no clothes." The Compute Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) of the United States has been gaining more success in cases dealing with computer and intellectual property rights violations, with specially trained attorneys in each cases. Now, there is also a higher emphasis in Cyber Ethics, with advice given to parents regarding how they can prevent their children from unknowingly violating with Internet regulations. It will become a criminal act to access a computer system with a dishonest purpose, to attempt to access a computer system for a dishonest purpose, to damage or interfere with a computer system, and to have unauthorised access to a computer. The proposed amendments would make hacking, or entering a system without permission, a crime, which it currently is not. More interesting reports on Internet regulations can be found upon visiting http://hotwired.lycos.com/collections/hacking_warez/6.04_internet_security3.html upon your arrival at desination:Cyberspace. Thus, we hope that every peripatetic will realise the important implications of not observing Cyberspace laws. Just like how we must obey the laws of a foreign country during a visit even if we are not that country's citizens, Cyberspace deserves our respect whilst we are there.