Dining and shopping—
online menu and virtual shopping mall

Travelling is probably one of the most activities that make one hungry easily! As such, no decent traveller's guide would dare miss out on showing its user where and what to eat. Here in Cyberspace, there are many useful web pages that provide information as to the kind of cuisine and the price ranges that different restaurants offer. One good example is www.restaurantrow.com , which is user-friendly to locate any particular kind of restaurant in all major cities in America. Thus, any traveller, trotting in any part of the world, can make their reservations online! One disadvantage of such web pages is that they more often showcase established restaurants and miss out on the road side hawkers and delis. The latter happen to be most popular among tourists who want to experience local cuisine rather than high-class fanfare.

During a travel of Cyberspace, one can check up as many dining locations and recommendations as one desires. Unfortunately, the eyes can be satisfies, but not the taste buds. Like we have stated previously, the culture of Cyberspace reflects the paradox of virtual reality. You can order, you can reserve a table, but when it comes to filling up that growling stomach, we are afraid you have to go back home first - i.e. beyond the computer screen. However, the drawback is not that great because a peripatetic can always munch on a pizza while continuing this guide to hypertravelling.

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