Non needed. No one rest in Cyberspace!

Where do a peripatetic proceed to when he or she wants to take a break from hypertravelling?
To rest those sore legs/fingers and to take a nap?
There is only one simple, no-fuss rule.

One can always leave. No matter how energy-charged and excited a peripatetic can be during all the sight-seeing, rest is certainly not something to miss out on. Mechanically, this is done just by going to the "start" menu and choosing the "log off" option. Once disconnected, the Cyberspace leaves your periphery, and you are free to do whatever that is non-involved with hypertravelling. No much fuss, no much nostalgia in leaving a place behind, because one can always return at no high cost. From there, we are sure peripatetics do not need a guide on how to catch a shut-eye.

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