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A Chicana theorist who effectively combines the Deleuzian ideas of nomadism and rhizome in our advanced technological era is Chela Sandoval. In her book "The Methodology of the Oppressed" she describes that the strategies for social change in this highly mediated postmodern era consist of five interdependent 'vectors' which combine together into what she calls 'differential movement'. The five vectors are: semiology, deconstruction, strategic essentialism, democratics, love in a postmodern world or new moralities and mestizaje. The current existence of computer networks makes it possible that all these vectors are constantly interchanging and keep on moving which produce in turn a restructuring of the socio-political field. Sandoval calls this effectively the 'cyberspace of being' that then not only hinges on the particularities of the new technologies, but also on a desire for social change. She reinserts notion of responsibility and agency into the debate on the potential subversive powers of the new media.

Other issues that are of importance for understanding the methodology of differential movement are:

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