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One of the vectors crucial to optimising effectiveness of Chela Sandoval's concept of 'differential movement' is the vector of 'deconstructing binaries'. This method, based upon the Derridean idea of deconstruction, shows how binaries operate and provide opportunity to critique or do away with certain oppositions prevalent in Western logocentric culture.

Jean Baudrillard actually claimed that the new digital media, based as it is on the computer-logic of zeros and ones, ultimately polarises binary oppositions, but George Landow, in the first chapter of "Hypertext 2.0", correctly points out how this analogy falsely extrapolates a mere mechanical working into an epistemological claim. Similarly I think, however, can multilinear qualities of hypertext not be simplistically extrapolated into the Derridean episteme of deconstruction or Deleuze's idea of the rhizome which both are actually conceptualised in an inherently political philosophical framework. Such oversimplifications would only make us fall into the trap of utopianist technological determinism.

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