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Entangled with my 'self' and important for any theorisation of agency is the notion of desires: related to this project is my desire for depth, to get to 'the bottom' of this project; my desire for a positive appropriation of the cyborg metaphor and the new technologies; my desire to 'make this world a better place': to obtain space for the marginalised, to let the subaltern speak.

Contemporary psychoanalytic and poststructuralist theories may have it that desires are always socially constructed and originate from a sense of 'lack'. And indeed, I will need to ask myself what seductions partly invoke my desires. Jean Baudrillard for instance warns us that the ultimate slogan feeding into late-capitalism is 'Take your desires for reality!'

However, I believe with Luce Irigaray and Gilles Deleuze that the conceptualisation of a more positive notion of desire is of political urgency, so that we can invoke Sandoval's vector of love in postmodern world. Deleuze tries to theorise positive desire in the concept of the nomad.

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