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The notion of responsibility is of major importance to Donna Haraway's concept of the cyborg. Also, Jacques Derrida talks of his strategy of deconstruction as being basically an act of 'responsible attentiveness'. Feminist Chicana theorist Chela Sandoval seeks to reinsert responsibility and accountability in our highly mediated and postmodern era through her strategy of differential movement; how to be accountable becomes the main question to theorists and activists of social change, and should be a point for consideration in all projects that seek to use the new media as a tool for change. The concept of accountability in my opinion above all result in a fruitful combination of both postmodern and standpoint theories, casting away the danger of relativism in postmodernism. Similarly, hypertext with its potential of multivocality and decentredness does not automatically make for subversive or democratic workings. Standpointism learns us that some notion of accountable, subjective, partial, temporal 'centering' around a specific goal needs to occur for any politicised enterprise.

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