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Standpoint theories claim that 'the oppressed know better, and that knowledge claims should be based on subjective experiences because we are always already shaped and constrained by what we 'live'. Therefore, the theorist or activist should at any time situate herself within the plane of her research topic to validate or justify her knowledge claims.

Standpoint theories offer on the one hand a critique of conventional epistemologies in the social and natural sciences and defending the coherence of feminist knowledge against postmodern uncertainty on the other. Standpointism is seen as a knowledge project which assumes that correctly produced knowledge will lead to the adoption of the best political strategies.

However, a problem arises that seems to be inherent to perceiving hypertext as an ultimately 'writerly', open and multilinear, because how is one ever able to claim that 'the oppressed know better' when hypertext basically merely reflects a postmodern cacaphony of voices? How can I get my message across and make sure my knowledge claims do not get too dispersed in the medium?

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