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Koko Krunchie is still adjusting to life in Crescent Heights. The first 24 years of her life were spent on a commune where all articles of clothing were outlawed. When her parents died from a nasty case of poison oak, she came to appreciate the practical value of pants. When she first arrived in Crescent Heights she was looked down upon; not taken seriously by the rest of the community. Her "free-love" polemic did nothing for her already shaky reputation, and it only added to the speedy distribution of town gossip. According to one woman at the local grocery, Koko frequently engages in lengthy conversation with the produce, claiming that the vegetables are man's only true friend. She went on to say that there was a rather lude demonstration involving the butternut squash following all sorts of vegetarian chit-chat. She was not the town sweetheart. In fact, most thought her insane.
Little did Crescent Heights know, but Koko had it all put together. She was there on a mission. She was there to find a man. And as it turns out, she had snagged one of the most influential ones around. The first time she met Jett was in the very same supermarket that the alleged misbehavings had been occurring in. Being an important person in the theater circles, Jett took to her performance and made her an overnight success, well as far as performance art goes. Jett thought it fate that he happened to be in the grocery at the precise moment that Koko was performing. There are those that think differently though. There are those that believe that she had planned the whole thing. She knew Jett needed some last minute ingredients for a dinner party he was throwing for the boys on the school board. Needless to say, the party was quickly canceled, and the two shoppers enjoyed festivities of their own.