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Jett Cain. A businessman of many talents, Jett is the sole owner of every club and theater in Crescent Heights. Known around town as "LoveJett", his reputation for womanizing does not come as a surprise. There are not many females in Crescent Heights who have not "known" him at one time or another, and everyone in town is at least "familiar" with his ways. His most recent conquest was somewhat a local celebrity, like himself. Jackie Molasis, and her family's money, helped Jett open his newest venues: "Fuel", "Turbine", "Tailflap", "The Push Up Club", and the Community Repertory Theater*, which was a draw for not only local actors, but stars of the stage. The current project is a production of "Oklahoma", starring Chase Underwould.
One night, after saying that she was going to walk the dog, Jackie had found love in the car of another man, never to be with Jett again. Until the story of Chase's murder had been broken, he supposedly had no idea who he lost his love to. Jackie's statement in "The Crescent Moon" was too much for him to bear. But he has moved on. He has found himself a girl very different from his former love. She respects the Earth, and believes in Karma. Her blatant disregard for material goods, like clothing, only adds to her sexual appeal. Despite their differences, Jett could not resist.