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Jackie Molasis, a 27 year old socialite, who happened to be at the right place at the right time. Standing on the corner of Stardust and Nova, thinking of that cute boy with the bag on his head, her feisty French Poodle, Schnookums, darted into the intersection at the precise moment when a Porsche 78911 came barreling down the road. Its precision German engineering eliminated any noises which may have warned the helpless canine or her owner. Before the light of the crosswalk changed, Schnookums was no more. Fainting from shock and hysteria, her well manicured , anorexic frame fell to the ground like a five pound bag of potato chips. Not feeling the bump of the dog under his tires, but at the sight of fallen beauty, Chase slammed on the breaks, and jumped to the curb. He was overcome with chivalry as he swept his "Pringles" from the pavement.
When she came to inside Chase's master bedroom, the smell of English Leather and the sensation of the satin sheets instantly replaced the thought of her former lover, Jett Cain, and her life-time companion, Schnookums. She knew not how she arrived there, but she assumed that it was the man who appears in the countless portraits on the walls that was her savior. Although she was a stranger in a strange place, she knew she was at "home."
The following months were filled with nothing but happiness and passionate bliss. Their love for each other knew no boundaries, and their life together was flawless UNTIL. . .
On their six month anniversary, Chase presented her with a gift. Jackie slowly untied the red ribbon from the box, and out leaped a snow-white French poodle right into her arms. . .