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Sabrine Underwood is a patient at the Sunnyhill Institute for the Clinically Insane. Her past is unknown even to herself; she was dropped off on the back porch of the head chef at Sunnyhill. When he tried to feed her his prize winning beef stroganoff, she took a hand full and shoved it down his trousers. That's when he realized this was a case for the fine doctors at the Institute. However, she does cherish one childhood memory: kicking the crap out of someone who looked remarkably like herself, and having an older boy break it up.
Recently the nurses at Sunnyhill have been trying to get on the good side of the little tyrant by telling her she looks just like the young superstar who is on the covers of nearly every magazine. Yet they manage to point out that the pretty young model does not dip her Barbies in mayonnaise, or rip off her sundress in the middle of biscuits and tea and shout, "The Chips Ahoy, Chips Ahoy, baked not fried, baked not fried!!!"
A few weeks back, Sabrine met a boy. A man, in fact, that took it upon himself to make her a woman. Little did he know, that she had been a woman since the age of ten. She is fifteen now, and there is no controlling her on her free days from the home..