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Chrissy Underwould; an orphan like her brother Chase, is lost. She is only fourteen years old, characterized by her childish innocence and the boisterousness of youth. The community embraced her as if she were their own, providing her with the parental guidance missing in her life since the age of five. Crescent Heights is her family, but it was Chase, with all his hang-ups, that was the "real" provider. Chase was able to put aside his obsession with his public image to care for his younger sibling. The power of Chrissy's love aided him in "kicking" his dangerous addiction to lighter fluid and iced tea. Chrissy's love for her brother also allowed her to see past the minor temper tantrums that Chase reverted to while dealing with the fading of his swan song.
Their love went unnoticed by the rest of Crescent Heights. They were only interested in the turbulence of their relationship, as small towns tend to be. They only recall the nights of fitful yelling and breaking bottles, as the young girl wrestled the Snapple from her brother's delicate hands. There was the night of the fire when Chase lost control of the butane.
That night changed Chrissy. Her brush with death served to instigate her decline from innocence. She was not going to let her youth slip by, having only had one boyfriend, not necessarily the right boyfriend, *and no fun. Her heroism in rescuing her polluted brother from the flames made her an over-night sensation. Her face was on the cover of magazines world wide. She had been launched into the realm of teenage modeling: a world of fame, fortune, and the perils that come with it.