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Lester Danforth, known on the streets as "Haze", is a man with a mysterious past. The parole board at the State Penitentiary released Haze after serving six weeks for a three year sentence for pushing herbs, two days prior to the death of Chase Underwould. During those painfully long six weeks in the Pen, Haze concluded that Chase, once one of his most important clients, had "wet the bed". Chase's goody two shoes sister, with her fanatical right wing ultraconservative Christian ethic, forced the two "business partners" apart. Haze took a bath in the exotic tea market after she had convinced her brother to quit, cold-turkey, and look to Ovaltine for "salvation".
Haze's seemingly calm disposition, along with his street savvy went down the tubes after his financial disaster. He began to demonstrate psychotic tendencies with obsessive compulsive overtones; he had the cleanest hands of any dealer in town. His regular clients were unnerved by his sudden change in behavior, but none took it to heart, for nobody ever really knew the true Haze. He kept himself a mystery, never revealing the events of his past. He never mentioned his stay at the Sunnyhill Institution for the Clinically Insane, where he made most of his "connections". In fact he became very close with many of the socially maladjusted, but he took a particular liking to a young girl whose innocent face was enough to melt a five-pond block of frozen butter (low-salt, of course). Nobody "really knows" about her either.