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Ricky Victima Molasis never seems to be at the right place at the right time. Unlike his mother, Jackie, Ricky's well being has not been looked after with the closest of eyes. Since he was a child, Ricky can remember his mother not caring about him, favoring social events, clubs, and dinner parties, over Poppyseed Place and her son. He was a child of neglect, and it made him much worse for the wear. He did not have a father. Whoever provided the seed was never heard from again, and with the infrequency with which Jackie communicates with her son, the question of fatherhood was never brought up. He was practically raised by the housekeeper, Lily, who had been with the Molasis family since Jackie was a little girl.
Being an unhappy child, it came as no surprise that Ricky was the type to run away. He had done it at least 13 times in the last three months, returning each time with a different set of bruises and scars, but those around him said that he was probably just hiding in the bushes for a couple of days, beating himself up. Little did they know that Ricky was seriously abused by strange boys on the street as well as other kids his age and older that he knew from school and the tea house where he spent much of his time drowning his sorrows in numerous cups of Lemon Lift. He has also suffered much harm from the numerous lovers taken by his mother; the most recent had knocked him senseless. Chase Underwould was relentless, cracking him in the eye with each grammatical imperfection in his speech. Dangling Participles were worthy of a split lip. All of the beatings and all of the mishandlings occurred right before Jackie's eyes. Usually she was too "buttered" on Dolls to even tell it was her son, not that she would recognize him anyway.
But something unusual has happened that started to concern all of Crescent Heights. Everyone knows that Ricky has run away before, but never for this long a period of time. Usually he was back in a couple of days, but it has been over two weeks, and nobody has heard anything from the boy. He had just vanished. Those that cared for him, as few of them as there may be, became panicked. They thought he was dead. Eventually a note came in the mail. But no one knew how to reply.