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Buddy Head is an average 19 year-old boy. He attends Crescent Heights Community College, where he is working toward a degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management when not devoting his time to "the team." School was tough for him, and were it not for organized sports, there is no telling if he would have even continued his education after the 8th grade. But recently, times have become even more difficult. He keeps to himself a lot, not drinking nearly as much or participating in the "fun" with his "brothers," especially when it came time to beat up nerds so they would do their homework. He has begun to feel uncomfortable in the locker room, and has developed a keen interest in personal appearance and home decoration. Nobody seems to know what is "wrong" with Buddy.
A few months ago, everything was fine. That was when he was dating a really cute girl by the name of Chrissy. He was her first boyfriend. The two of them used to spend every waking moment that Buddy was not spending with "his brothers" or on his studies together. It looked like true romance. Nobody had ever seen two happier youths, and everyone seemed pleased with the relationship. Everyone in a small town likes to see two kids in love. Everyone except Chrissy's brother, that is. Being an actor, his selfish nature forced him to become jealous of the amount of time his sister was spending with Buddy and not with him. He demanded that they break up. Putting family before herself, Chrissy obliged. Buddy was never the same. This is when his attitude started to change. Or at least that is when everyone noticed it.
There was another point in recent history that Buddy was acting a "little strange." In fact, the week that a guest lecturer came to campus seemed to have left a permanent mark in his mind. He was taken with the theorist's mind - the "brilliance of his words", some heard Buddy say. An observer would also be able to tell that Buddy had taken a particular liking to Baudrillard's keen fashion sense and rapier wit. Some were excited at Buddy's interest in theory and postmodernism. Others were made a bit nervous by the frequency with which Buddy would talk about his new-found love. . .

Most thought it to be postmodernism. It was actually Jean. He didn't tell anyone but Chrissy, and of course she understood. There was nothing wrong with loving a brilliant mind, as long it was only the mind her boyfriend was after. They went their separate ways before she could really be sure, and she passed off his interest in her lingerie as a mere "frat boy" thing.