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Starr Buckston is a troublemaker. She never fails to be the first on the scene as soon as trouble rises to the surface of the quiet town of Crescent Heights. She also has no qualms about embellishing any stories and spreading her version (claimed to be "the right version") to anyone in audible range. She has been known to invent situations, watching those supposedly involved crumble in the eyes of society. She has a tremendous talent for taking what may be briefly hinted at in conversation and making them the foundation for a widespread "truth", which usually end up causing nothing but harm for those involved, and delight for herself.

Her most recent scheme involved her former husband Carter Redhouse, and his immediate dismissal as chief of the fire department. The two had been married for fourteen years, all of which she considered wasted and unfulfilling, but never showed it. She remained the perfect image of a housewife for the duration of their marriage, even though she played a housewife of a different nature at the "Push-Up Room" on Thursday nights. Baking cakes by day and raising dough by night, Starr led the double life that only one of her cunning could manage to pull off. Not a soul suspected anything. She would leave for "work" in a car she left parked down the street, and would park it around the corner when she would come home at 4:30 in the morning. Since she refused to share a bed with her husband, waking him was not a concern. When he walked through the pink glittery doors of the club on Thursday, not knowing what he would find, their life together changed forever. He never saw her, but she caught a glimpse of him from behind the beaded curtain that marked the boundary across which a clients hands could not pass. She scurried off to the Back Room, and before day broke, she made his "nightly ritual" public knowledge, claiming that she clandestinely followed him to the club for 167 nights in a row. She called him a pervert, and went on to claim that she had caught him molesting a fifteen year-old girl whose house had partially burned down recently. She said she had found him parked across the street from her school, and he would wait for the bell to ring. She said he followed her in the car while she walked home, occasionally giving her "a ride." Once the news of molestation broke, fabricated or not, Carter was ruined as a public figure, and any hope of running for town council next year was thrown out of the window. Conveniently, just at the start of publicity and controversy, the young girl went to England, claiming to be a model with an important shoot in London.

There is little known reason as to why she is the way she is. Some blame it on her marriage. Others think its genetic. Starr. . . well she is just looking for the perfect man. One that will take her for who she is. One that will put up with everything she has to dish. Someone who will be willing to SUBMIT!