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Slade gives new meaning to the phrase "Party like rock stars". A native of Manchester, his infectious pop creations have put him at the top of the charts both in the U.K. and overseas. The toonsmith's lifestyle is reminiscent of that of the "old" Chase. In fact, the two use to be close friends in the days of Regines and Studio 54. However, Chase's about face pushed Slade to question his "friend's" devotion to babes, drugs and rockin' out.
He had been introduced to Chrissy a few years back, and recently, while she was on a photo-shoot for Chanel in England, the two had been reunited. In him, Chrissy found the Chase she once knew; one with enough responsibility to handle stardom. One that used drugs wisely, rather than a hopeless tea-addict. In her, Slade found the sister-figure he had always looked for in his relationship with Chase. There was a subconscious attraction. They felt comfortable with each other. Slade recognized this, and did his best to draw it out of her. She would not submit. Despite her rocket-ship ride to the top, her youthful naivete' prevented reciprocation. With the respect not commonly shown towards women by pop-rockers of the day, Slade understood her position. Needless to say, Chrissy would be the inspiration for a forthcoming multi-platinum album entitled "Heart-breaking Teenage Megastar".