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Carter Redhouse aspired to academic greatness, and for a brief period of time actualized his lofty goals. As the star chemistry undergad at Chester University he developed a new compound capable of extinguishing a monstrous blaze upon immediate contact. Carter did not think much of his revolutionary discovery. He viewed it as a small accomplishment on the long road to academic superstardom.
However, his outlook changed radically. Two weeks after his brilliant discovery, his parents home was engulfed by a rapidly moving brush fire that swept down off the mountain and swallowed the entire valley. Rooted in the emotional quagmire created by the loss of his family, Carter turned to the hook and ladder in an attempt to champion the conflagratory forces that robbed him of his home and family. He eventually became chief of the Crescent Heights Fire Department, and was determined to put into action his invention that the U.S. patent office so quickly dismissed as farce. As it turns out, the Underwould disaster would be it's trial run. A trial for his invention, as well as one for himself. For the 37 year old married virgin had laid his eyes on Chrissy's soot covered face, and vowed never to take them off of her.