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Carmen Juanita Isabellita Conchita Liliana de la Suarez-Sedanos-Gomez-Gonzales, Lily, for short, is a Spanish housekeeper that has been working for one of Crescent Heights most powerful families for years. Employed by the Molasis', she has raised two generations of their children, seeing as the real parents are always "too busy" to take care of them themselves. She was responsible for clothing them, getting them to school, making sure they don't break curfew, and feeding them. Since one of her favorite foods is a tuna fish sandwich on white bread with all of the crust trimmed off, that is exactly what both Jackie and her son Ricky have been weaned on.
Lily herself was unsupervised as a child. She spent much of young life glued to the couch, watching as much television as the human mind could tolerate. Her favorite show of all time was Mr. Belvedere. From the large, lovable English chap she learned the fundamentals of running a household and caring for children. His inspiration filled the void in her life created by the lack of attention her parents paid her. She decided that she was put on this earth to provide for the most underprivileged class of people alive: the children of the ultra wealthy.
Lily acted on her convictions with vigor. She placed the well-being of the children she cared for above all else - even herself. Despite her apparently smothering enthusiasm, Lily's "kids" felt as strongly for her as she did for them.
She only wishes that there could have been someone to look after her the same way. She dreamed of an older boy to care for in a way that any employer would object to. Someone else to make the tuna.