Info Dump

The codes lock together like a jigsaw puzzle and Iím in. This overrides the ban protocol because I switch servers. Still, I wonít have long here so I better make this quick. A screen appears within the security room asking for an input command. I type the barcode identifier, 78K56A9. Something happens, and then . . . oh. Well, this is interesting.

It says ďDrake Collins was the first recruit in Prostheticore biotech experiment 101C, an experiment with three basic parameters:

1. To enhance the human muscle tissue and organs to a point of superhuman strength, endurance, toughness, and resistance (all known diseases, including the nanovirus).
2. To facilitate synaptic communication in order to shorten reaction time to the minimum possible amount.
3. To provide a means of monitoring, and if necessary mental override of the subject.

The purpose of experiment 101C is to develop a series of protectors that would be resistant to normal riot and/or combat situations, and if necessary could be remote controlled in the event of a possible revolt or mutiny.Ē

So heís a mind-controlled super-soldier, basically. That pretty much makes my day.

I keep leafing through the virtual file, and in it I find an image of the contract Drake signed, and the waiver form releasing Prostheticore from any liability to his person. Then I switch to the file on experiment 101C.

The first document is a copy of the budget for the project. Itís over 100 pages long so I skip to the last page and thatís where I find the real bomb. Itís signed by Gregory Frickson, CEO of Prostheticore, and thatís no surprise. But itís also signed by Henry LeCerc, one of the CyberCorp board of directors, and right next to the Prostheticore logo is the CyberCorp logo.

Itís all so clear now. Cybercorp, the largest cybernetic corporation on the planet, is building an army of mind controlled super enforcers. Because, obviously, they need more power. Assholes.

The sound of sirens pierces the roomís quiet. Suppose the security bots finally beat my firewalls. Hm, sounds really lifelike. My new implant must have upgraded sound capabilities, even without TRUscape. But wait, it sounds different from before, a little more . . .

Oh shit. Thatís because itís not in the Metascape, theyíre coming for my real body and the I'm getting the sound input from speakers in the TRUchip. Dammit, thereís so much more I could learn with just another minute!

      Jack out and run from the authorities

      Stay in the Metascape and keep reading

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.