I can hear their footsteps coming but I have to keep going, ripping through files like a shark in a school of minnows. There’s more to this case, I can tell, and it’s all right here, under my nose, the key to this whole damn thing, but it’s so goddamn hard to find.

Footsteps closer now. They’ll be here any minute. Files. Files. An ocean of damn files. Wait. Wait. Here’s one. “Experiment 101C and the Unveiling of TRUscape.

“Jack out of the Metascape and put your hands in the air!” They’re at my real body

Why would Prostheticore have anything to do with TRUscape? The bullshit detector is screaming in my head. This goes a lot deeper than I thought.

“Hands in the air, asshole!”

It’s all here, right

“In the air!”

here, if I can just


open the file


in time


to –

I hear the sound of gunfire and I’m thrown out of the Metascape in time to see a small army of CyberCorp enforcers opening fire.

      Then it all goes dark

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.