A Dame In Trouble

Sirens echo across the noon day like funeral bells. Iím sprinting through the parking lot. Donít look back, they might be coming from behind. Donít let them see you. Focus on your car, itís so close, itís right there, itís Ėď

Something else catches my eye. A car, not police, not security, pulling into the parking lot. A bright red Volkswagen. It screeches to a halt, and Mandy Collins jumps out. Of course. You can always count on broads to do the dumbest thing possible in dire times.

She screams something at me, but I donít pay any attention. I yell for her to get the hell out of here, and I hurl open the door to my car, but then I notice something. A man, from across the highway, running at nearly superhuman speeds towards us. Towards Mandy. Drake. Who knows what heíll do to her, in whatever state heís in. And the sirens get steadily louder.

      Stay and protect Mandy from Drake

      Hightail it out of there and lay low from the authorities

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.