The term fyborg, a conflation of "functional" and "cyborg," was created to distinguish between cyborgs of science fiction and cyborg like humans who enhance themselves with technology. Technology extends the reach of our limbs; space and time can be overridden with use of internet and cellular technology to allow remote control of different physical systems from a single control center. The number of human beings necessary to water a golf course landscape, for example, drops from a team of people outside directly watering the earth to one person sitting in a control center with a switchboard and a girlie magazine. Self enhancing technology is shifting the whole world of medical science as doctors are now able to provide skeleton and joint prostheses, artificial organs, neural prostheses (for eye problems mostly), and even cosmetic prostheses to give a more natural look though not more functionality. The evolutionary pressures of natural selection no longer apply to the disabled as fyborg technology allows them to live more functional lives.