Except for the quote on the main page all content, design, and coding of this site is the original work of Karen Kayfetz, first year student at Brown University, in the spring semester of 2005.

This hypertext project serves as my final for an English seminar at Brown entitled "The Cyborg Self". For introductory information on hypertext as a literary form take a look at Hypertext: Some Definitions. For more details about the class and examples of other student work check out our class page. If any elements of this project has motivated your interested in cyberspace, hypertext, or critical theory then I encourage you to explore the Cyberarts Web.

This m-dimensional webspace is a linear subspace V of Rn and the linearly independent pages within form a basis for my creative interpretation and analysis of an n-dimensional subspace W of creative and analytical works. The works that principally, though not exclusively, influenced the creative content of this project follow.