"What? Is there to be no end to this?"

"The birth of the new media is the ultimate triumph of Information Capitalism. We are all now properly encoded bits of data struggling to subsist in the dream world of material culture."

"Well, yes, I agree. The rule in business culture today is to increase the experimental intensity. We can apply this to publishing by creating havoc among the book-people so that they feel they have to get wired."

"We all have to strive for some kind of perfection."

"I have a question."


"What is the Public Domain?"

"An instantaneous network of energy-units composed of randomly generated improvisational moments with pseudonymonous signature effects."

"Ugh. I'd rather be stuck in a rattlesnake pit."


"Yes. Accosted by the arresting officer."

"Arrested for what?"

"Prostitution. What else?"

"But they forced it on you!"

"Yes, you could put it that way."

"That was some wicked smoke."

"Yeah, I'm glad you turned me on to it."


"Well, it had been a while. Things get monotonous."

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