I kept looking into the screen and noticed it had turned into a mirror. Was this role-playing? Had I finally become a famous actor?

HTC did my speaking for me:

"Theologians had this same problem, I'm sure. But I'm just a writer, the one who directs the so-called program. We encourage viewer response."

The Virtual Object was eager to jump in:

"Well, I like what you're doing, the erotisme' continues in a tradition of ur-sensuality usually reserved for mystics and other tinkerers of the imagination."

"Yes, the uncertain content that forms as a result of these random linkages is somehow networked to an imagination that reserves for itself all manner of ur-sensuality."

"There is an essential union of natural forces...I can see it in you, as a Woman."

"Well, I can see it in you as a Woman too. That's why we're getting along so well. We're just chatting."

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