"And this disturbs you? That you're doing this? Participating in this process that not too many people actively engage their minds in?"

"I just feel bound by the disguise of material reality. All my recent work is about the struggle to create a meaningful reality without sounding like commercial reality. Somehow everything starts sounding like a sell-job to me. Even what I'm saying right now..."

"Do sell-jobs make you shake all over?"

"Not at all. Fuck sell-jobs. I wanna think of other things. Like blowjobs. Not just seedy, behind-the-scenes, quick-get-it-in-my- mouth-before-my-partner-finds-out blowjobs, but the idea of blowjobs. You'd have to think of it in terms of pleasure. Pleasure and power. The residual effects."

"I think of it all the time. And just in those terms. Pleasure and power and the residual effects. Strange, isn't it?"

"Yeah, weird. Sometimes I'll look back at a blowjob and think nothing. A drunken fluke. Other times I'll think about what it was. About what it is..."

"The body has desires."

"Yes. And needs. Have you seen Primaticcio's Woman Being Carried to a Libidinous Satyr? The most striking thing about it is how violent it is. Have you ever thought about Satyrs? Satyrs are ego-boosted brethren with swords going all whack pummeling the soiled intestines of nymphs without a clue. Of course, the Satyrs are clueless too, but the thing about them is that they have this ideal they're after, they're searching for pleasure by way of power. I dig that."

"How does it apply?"

"I imagine that I myself would have made a great Satyr. Sure, I'm just going shopping today, I'm role-playing the Virtual Object as cloned consumer. But that doesn't mean that I can't make my own meaning out of nothing. It's part of my new public domain hypernarrative environment where I can link into any variety of role-playing games and pseudo-characterizations. It feels like Creative Exhibitionism. This is part of my expansive life work."

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