We had practiced this routine many times before. I had 2 more corners before reaching the entrance to the pit lane. I routinely went through the Ascari chicane but made sure that I had to cut right after the Parabolica as I reached the pit-lane. I hit the speed limiter to slow my car down from 140mph to the pit limit of 50mph. As my car strolled down the pit lane, I could see my pit-crew ready for me:

12 tire-men

2 fuel men

2 jack-men

and the sole lollypop man.

I slotted my car into the garage and as the pit crew began to do their work.

In 10 seconds I had a fresh set of tires and a tank full of fuel as I rejoined the track. I was now in P2 as my rival was yet to make his stop. Confident that  I would regain the lead once he made his stop, I  drove at a comfortable pace.

The world championship was in my sight, all I had to do now was to keep the car on the track and I would take the checkered flag.


Peters 2000