As predicted, my championship rival made his pit stop and rejoined the circuit some 12 seconds behind me. With 23 laps to go, it would be unlikely that he was going to overtake me. Nevertheless, I had to keep my car on the track and pray that my machinery would go the distance. Time always stands still when you are leading as the laps seemed to stroll by. 

A voice erupted over the radio 'hang in there, 1 lap to go'. It was only then that it hit me. I was going to be the world champion. The dream which seduced me many years ago was finally going to be a reality. But that was not to be just yet, with 1 lap to go.

I cruised through my final lap as my rival was a safe 10 seconds behind me. It seemed to take forever as I negotiated the corners one last time. The fans were going wild, waving their flags and blaring their claxons each spurring me on to the finish line.

I was at the final corner of the championship, the long right-handed Parabolica. Hard breaking into the entry of the corner to about 80mph, balancing the throttle through the apex at 100 mph and heavy acceleration as I left the corner in my exhaust. 300 meters to the finish line. Into top gear I went at 180 mph as I took the checkered flag.

My dream had come true, I am the Formula 1 World Champion.


Peters 2000