The introduction is a readerly piece, you cannot decide when to stop it, you cannot linger on the words. You are carried forward by the music which creates a sense of momentum yet entertain your senses at the same time. Basically, the graphics and music serves to interest you but do they make you think? What if I told you every single graphic has something to do with the concept of authorship. Did you notice it? Want to go back and check? Or is it just eye candy?


The words you see highlighted with special effects is my attempt to make you pay attention to key notions in this hyperessay. Yet do they fail to leave an impression because it is not in relation to something? Does the individual quotes make sense when taken out of context? Certainly if you were to read them by ploughing through the whole of Foucaultís essay, you would have a greater understanding. So does hypertext actually limit your understanding because it is someone elseís interpretation? But frankly, doesnít the combination of different medias make it much more interesting?


Funny how much slips past us when we watch a multimedia presentation. This must be the curse of the TV.