What has hypertext got to do with authorship?

Rules of authorship in hypertext.


  1. There is no single author, there is no I, collaboration is as far as the reader wants to read.
  2. A strictly hypertext author will have no resultant identity since his identity is merged with that of other authors.
  3. What are the works of an author we include? Do we put his grocery bill into the collection? Yes! Because hypertext allows the reader to decide for himself. There is no page constraint and it is environmentally friendly.
  4. The language does not define the author as much in hypertext as it does in print. Structure and style is broken down into too many lexias resulting in a diminish in persuasion power. Rather, the author is now defined by the readerís perception of him even more than before. Yet, like above, there is no one author. The reader is now in control.
  5. It doesnít matter as much whoís speaking (sounds familiar?), rather what matters is what is being said. There is a decentreing of the author. The work is no longer built around him, the focus has shifted to the work.