KID cannot believe this. He is back in school, a place he never liked when he was, well, a kid. He is barely in his 20s now... and still looks young enough to be in high school, so here he is. Since when did high school teachers teach Foucault & Barthes? Well, if this doesn't indicate that this whole thing is a mission, KID cannot imagine anything more... well, weird. This high teacher, MS WOLF, is his contact for this whole mission. "Trust THE AGENCY to come up with such a cover," thought KID. "Here goes," KID mutters to himself as he knocks on the door of the teachers' room before entering.

"Hi, ermm... I'm looking for Ms Wolf?"

A bespectacled lady in her mid-30s looks up from the work she was doing at her desk. "Yes?"

KID approaches the lady. "Ermm.. Hi Ms Wolf?" he says, stammering a little. 'This whole mission is so weird!' "I believe you've been expecting me for some time now, you know, ever since you started working here since your transfer from that agency some time back." 'God! What an obvious line!!'

A cautious look appears on the face of MS WOLF. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Oh, I was just wondering really," said KID. "Who is an author?"

She begins to realise who this young man is and why he has come to see her. He has been sent to see her. "As defined by Foucault or Barthes?"

"Well yeah, I'm not sure really... so I actually need some info from you."

"Well..." MS WOLF paused for a while, realising that this young man (definitely older than the average high-school student although he looks young enough!) has yet to give her his name."What's your name?"

KIDıs train of thought stumbles for a moment, realising his slip. "I'm sorry for forgetting to introduce myself earlier Ma'am, but you can just call me Mike."

"Well, Mike. I believe the information you need is contained here," she says as she hands him a few sheets of paper. "This is all the information I have for you."

KID takes the stack of papers from her, thanks her before leaving the teachers' room. He goes to a bench at a park near the school to look through the information that has been given to him. After reading those papers for some time, he begins to think.

'Barthes defined his idea of who an author is as opposed to who he thinks a writer is. An author is someone who performs "a function". To an author, "to write is an intransitive verb". A writer on the other hand, performs "an activity". The act of writing to him is something that is transitive. So, in short this would mean that an author is someone that when he writes, is more concerned with the process of writing itself, whereas the writer writes for the purposes of producing something?'

'Foucault, although in his discussion of notions of authorship restricted it to books and text with authors, reminded us that there are other categories of people who can be regarded as authors, for example, painters.'

With the hope that he has received what he was sent here for, he rises from his seat to leave and make his way back to THE AGENCY'S HQ.