In a briefing room in THE AGENCY'S HQ.

Operatives from the Alpha Team are seated around a long oval table. They are waiting quite patiently for the briefing to begin, but in truth some are concealing their impatience at having been called in for this briefing at the ungodly hour of 0300 HRS.

"CHIEF", head of THE AGENCY, begins his briefing for the upcoming mission.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

At this moment, we are trying to build a profile for this target (points to a picture of a shadowed figure on a screen before the briefing table).

As yet we don't even know who this is. The person in question may be a he or a she, and of any age. We don't know. The purpose of this mission which you are about to go on is to gather intel on this person so that we may have a profile of him in our database which we can work on before determining our next course of action.

(picture on screen changes to show 5 different individuals - 3 men and 2 women)

These are 5 of our operatives, who have been in deep cover for some time now, for the purpose of trying to seek information that may determine the identity of "AUTHOR". Each of you will be meeting with each one of these deep-cover operatives and they will tell you what they've known so far regarding this target. You are then to report the information given to you, as well as your own personal observations to your Team Leader. "HUNTER" will be leading this mission. The PROFILE is on your pads, study it and see "HUNTER" should you have any questions.

(CHIEF leaves the room. The operatives, headed by "HUNTER", rise from their seats to follow.)