Well now you know a little about where I come from, what I've experienced, and what I've observed there. You might be wondering at this point, so what? As I stated in my introduction, The Cupertino 'Burbs project explores the way my memories connect together, how they are strung and tied to other memories. One of the greatest challenges of exploring a memory of a limited place (Cupertino and neighboring areas) was surpressing tangents that didn't relate. I found myself thinking of trips to Taiwan, campouts in Seattle, and vacations in Florida. What does that mean? Essentially that the memory web never stops.

And it's not just my own memories either. Just think of all the people I've met and how I'm a part of their memories as much as they might be part of mine. Each individual stores their own memory web too, and their webs are all tangled with mine, and maybe even yours.

Another thing I've tried to discuss was the theory behind this class (The Cyborg Self). I mentioned Baudrillard perhaps too much and Haraway a bit too little, but what can I say? I'm a Baudrillard fan - simulation, simulacra, and the hyperreal. I talk about how simulation works in computer games, arcades, airsoft, and even nature. It's theories like his that make me love movies such as the Matrix so much and question just what I'm doing here on Earth, at Brown, or even back home in Cupertino.

To address Haraway's less-liked and less-substantial (at least to me) theories, I've explored how femninism works in our cyborg world. I've explored my observations of gender and race. Check out the PMT article or the one on Cupertino Village. Even the Raging Waters article talks about it some. To sum it up, I've realized I don't have a lot of experience with girls or with other ethnicities. I notice them, but I don't know a whole lot about them. Maybe they're not real (if what Baudrillard says is true, then they are probably not real or at least becoming less and less so). In any case, I have even tried to talk about Haraway in terms of Baudrillard: I still don't get why those fat Indian girls dressed up as Sailor Moon characters.

That's it. Back to my world:

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