I'm a big list-writer. I have my own system for writing lists, as I have my own system for many of my writing activities. When I feel that I have too much to do and that I won't be able to remember everything, I sit down and make a list. This is always a very soothing time for me. First, I pick out paper of an appropriate size -- the list must always fit on one side of paper; otherwise it defeats the purpose of a list. Should I use a Post-it for a few simple reminders, a piece of notepaper for average-sized lists, or a full-blown sheet of filler paper for those big lists like "What I Want to Accomplish This Summer?" Once I purge my mind by transferring all the thoughts from unreliable brain to reliable, durable paper, I feel much more organized. In fact, once the tasks are paper-ized, I feel like I don't even have to achieve them. But I take great delight in vigorously crossing off the items that I have accomplished.