Read with Your Mouth, Not with Your Hands

I tend to do very little reading in cafes or airports. Reading for me is an intense activity. When I read, I chew gum furiously, my cheeks get flushed, and... I move my lips. This means that I read slower than people who read solely with their eyes. But I maintain that I retain what I read better than the eye readers. I savor the text, delight in getting to the end of the introduction, the end of the first page, the end of a chapter. When I finish a heated reading session, I turn the book over so I am looking at the top edge of it. Then I can see how far along I am by where the dog-eared page marking my progress is. I tell myself that I've read half of the book, or a quarter or two-thirds of five-eighths or whatever fraction accurately represents the portion I have completed.