This is where I (hopefully) show how to apply the concepts I've discussed up to this point.


The text of this website is an example of how to write for the web. I have made use of hyperlinking between the pages of this site, sometimes in a particularly linear order and sometimes not. I have also linked to external pages, and have anticipated incoming visitors by setting up a clear and consistent page layout and site structure.

I have also write an example analytical essay, which is not hypertextual itself but is still presented on the web. It shows (I hope) how to effectively bring different sources together to support an argument.

Web Standards

The design of this website is an example of web standards in action. You are welcome to examine, adapt, modify, and reuse this site's code (see the license for details).

I have also created another design that you can take a look at and use. It is a rather simple design, but should be easy to understand and modify. There are two versions of it.

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