statement of purpose
(a disclaimer)
the explanation behind the storyspace predecessor of this assignment

Michelle Neuringer '00
English 111, section 2
Midterm assignment

For the whole length of this project I speak about Tetris, a programming assignment for my Computer Science class. My intention was to work on and to complete Tetris while working on this Hypertext assignment, charting that which was going on in my mind while figuring out how to get Tetris to work and comparing the thought involved in designing and implementing a computer program to the thought involved in writing a piece of literature--any good piece of literature.

Therefore I named this assignment "Mind of the Writer/Mind of the Programmer."

However, as I sit here writing this lexia, close to handing in this assignment, I have yet to complete Tetris.

I'm very frustrated. My Tetris board can remove full rows, but I can't figure out for the life of me why the board won't update itself correctly (by moving every row above the cleared row down the board). I've lost sleep over this for the past 4 days. This was not in the plan.

So, essentially, this assignment cannot reach a conclusion, or a resolution point, until my board updates correctly. Although 60+ lexias strong, this assignment is incomplete. It might seem complete to you, the reader; however, I know that I began this assignment as I began Tetris, worked on this assignment as I worked on Tetris, and will only fully complete this assignment when I complete Tetris.

Stay tuned for the complete version of "Mind of the Writer/Mind of the Programmer," coming to you live, in full force, when the mind of this writer and programmer reclaims functionality and figures out how to get a board to update.

The time WILL come.