An epilogue, taken directly from the Storyspace version.

There goes the "simultaneous project" idea.

You have to admit-- it was a good one, in theory, at least. I thought that it would be nice and refreshing to take a break from Tetris by working on my Hypertext assignment and to take a break from Hypertext by coding a bit. A smooth in-and-out motion between projects...each strengthening the other (like in the way small object-oriented classes combine to perform powerful methods or bits of lexias upon lexias combine to convey meaning)--that idea had potential, no?

Well at least I thought so.

However, I never anticipated the nasty line deletion bug that would plague my implementation of Tetris and consume 5 whole days and nights of valuable college midterm-week time.
"Taking a break" was not as easy as I thought it would be.
When I did allow myself a respite it was for sleep or coffee (or a little of each).
Yes, it would've been a bit unhealthy to have said,
"Let me take a break from coding Tetris by writing about coding Tetris!"
for every lexia would've said the same exact thing:

As I write this lexia, though, I have a fully working, beautifulTetris game. My program displays 7 lovely pieces in soft blue hues which gently cascade from the top of the Applet and move left, right, and down Maxfield Parrish's "Ecstacy" which covers the entire game board.