What Is Internet Literature?

1. Works that could have appeared in print but are distributed/published via the internet. (Manu Herbstein's Ama).

2. Linear narratives written specifically for the internet that may use some of the capacities of the Web to add color, etc to the text (Sanford's Safara.

3. Hypertext narrative, poetry, and nonfiction on the Net.

4. Blogs (and novels written as blogs)

5. Animated text, like much recent poetry on CD-ROM and now on the internet (Strickland)

6. Stretchtext poetry and prose on the internet.

7. Game-like literature (see Kendall's work and Bookchin's The Intruder)

8. Literature in the form of e-mail, etc. (revival of the 18C epistolary novel)

9. MOOs and MUDs.

10. Works using the internet to create telepresence.
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Last updated: 18 February 2004