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Hyperlinks for Information Retrieval

Typically, a user finds information by locating a single document and following the hypertext links from that document into other documents. This always leaves the user with a feeling that there may be more documents or information out there. Information may be missed simply because the document being read may not have a hypertext link to the other available information. Well defined structure of hypertext documents in the system may help user refine their queries so that more relevant documents can be found this way.

Consider the users' experience when they enter a hypertext system that has a site map in place. Immediately, the users know where all the information is located and they can tailor queries to access all the information relevant to their needs and interest. Hypertext links that access the whole hypertext corpus should also be able to specify a specific query that returns a number of documents directly. Thus users can use queries, as well as queries for hypertext links; they now have better tools to prevent them from wondering whether they missed a crucial piece of data.