500 McMeters above the middle of Narragansett Bay. 4AM.

Three ninja stand on their stealth helicopter, scanning the water below with high powered night vision goggles, rendering the landscape as clear as it would be in the middle of the day. A sudden flash in the air overwhelms the goggles’ sensors and they automatically shut off their night vision function and become fully transparent. The ninja watch in awe as a fireball screams through the air and blasts into the water, sending up a large cloud of steam and sending out massive circular ripples across the bay which propagate before their eyes. In the light of the burning wreckage they see the pirate sloop approaching to extract the cyborg. Two of the ninja leap from the helicopter while the third stays behind to fly the helicopter.

The two falling ninja activate their shoulder gliders and quickly fly towards the sloop. Were this not a stealth mission the ninja would simply drop a thermal detonator onto the deck and be done with it. Instead, once within range one activates a wireless overload, which sends large packets of information into the McWireless hub on the boat that allows the pirates on the boat to access WebCT. As soon as they have lost their connection the pirates know that something is wrong, and begin firing blunderbusses and cannons into the water all around them, as the ninja had anticipated. When the ninja are just above and slightly behind the sloop they release their gliders, and their momentum and shock absorbing clothes allow them to silently land in the middle of the ship, with shuriken drawn. The pirates begin falling within seconds, dead on impact. The entire crew on the stern of the sloop has perished before those on the bow know that their sloop has been invaded. The f our pirates on the bow rush towards the two ninja with cutlasses drawn, but in the time it takes them to close the distance two more pirates have fallen.

The two ninja draw their swords and meet the pirates head on. Where the ninja had the element of surprise and speed on their side before, the two groups possess roughly equal sword fighting skills, and seconds into the fight one of the ninja falls, impaled by a direct thrust through the chest. Seeing himself to be outnumbered, the other ninja back flips off the stern, but grabs on to a piece of rigging just below the lip of the wall and swings his legs into the ropes, hanging motionless upside-down with his sword hanging down, below his head. With a sub aural voice command he activates his clothes’ stealth ability, only effective in the absence of movement. When the pirates look over the back of the ship to the water below the ninja swings his body around in a rapid motion, beheading the both of them in one blow.

The ninja then drops into the water and rapidly swims into the burning jet just meters away through a hole in its side. Once inside he sees a pirate facing the opposite way. The ninja takes advantage of the metallic hull and activates the electromagnets implanted in his hands and feet and scurries along the wall towards his adversary. Just when the ninja is upon him the pirate whips around, firing across the water, where he expects his adversary to be. The ninja takes advantage of this mistake and brings his sword across in a swift arc into the pirate’s neck, but he aborts the strike, noticing an antigravity propulsion device attached to a box about to activate. In the moment before the propulsion kicks in he flicks his wrist, throwing a throwing star with an implanted homing device just over the pirate’s hand, which has just been swung towards him, and into the side of the box.

The antigravity boost from the propulsion device blows him and his enemy throws him and his adversary through the jet’s weakened exterior hull and into the water beyond. The ninja manages one victorious glare at the pirate before the ball of flame from the now exploding jet incinerates them both.

The ninja flying the helicopter watches on his monitor as a homing signal flies up into the air. As he sets the course to intercept it a bright flash lights up the sky, and a second later the sound of the explosion below reaches his ears. The helicopter is high enough to avoid being disturbed by the blast, and successfully grapples a box headed towards Brown. He sets the helicopter on a header to the secret ninja landing pad and turns towards the box he has acquired. It has one of the two labels:

Cybernetically enhanced humanoid or Web Based Artificial Intelligence.

To Cyberspace Web! To Pirates!