A secret cavern deep beneath the tunnels underneath Wriston. 5:30AM

The ninja stand still, all intently focused on the geometric, metal box before them. Arrr Away does something that ninja code expressly forbids them to do, something which compromises their security, and they know and fear it. She is accessing WebCT within the ninja secret tunnel area, giving the pirates an opportunity to pinpoint their exact location. The ninja all know this, yet Arrr Away doesn’t seem to care. She knows that once they activate what they have before them, that won’t matter. Suddenly, the sides of the box fold themselves up into small origami strips, revealing the box’s content. Inside is what appears to be a human of undifferentiated gender, still and lifeless.

The ninja have a lot of time to examine and admire this body; it represents their idea of perfection. An ideally sculpted musculature fills out its muscular frame, and an emotionless, expressionless face perfectly hides the intensely complex processes taking place beneath the surface. Suddenly, it vanishes. The ninja begin looking around frantically, thinking that it has rushed off somewhere faster than their eyes can process.

“It’s still there, right in front of you,” Arrr Away explains. “I have just given it the ultimate cloaking device”

The stealth technology of this cyborg far surpasses that which the ninja possess. Their stealth suits produce a muted glow when they move even the slightest bit with them activated, as a result of shifting to show one background or another. Even when still, a ninja produces a sort of mirage effect if stared at long enough, part of the reason the ninja rely on cover of night for most of their operations. This stealth technology, however, works so well that were it not for the remainder of the metal box, not a single ninja could definitively say where the cyborg was. Suddenly, one of the ninja finds his sword to be drifting away from him. Arrr Away laughs and continues programming the cyborg.

Finally finished, the ninja leader disconnects from WebCT and addresses her followers. “We now have the greatest weapon known to man on our side. I have programmed it to uphold a strong sense of honor, preserve ninja life, and eradicate pirates, and it is now on its way towards the pirate stronghold in Faunce to wipe them out. Were its stealth not enough to allow it to infiltrate the building, the pirates would find that their weapons and security systems lack the firepower necessary to dent our cyborg. Ninja, victory is ours!”

Arrr Away turns on a screen with a live video feed of the main green. But there is no green to be found; the entire scene runs red with the pirate blood and guts on every surface.

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