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Sebastian Kearse '10, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University (Fall 2006)

"So what do we have on display now, Steve?"

"This is the latest version of the HDTV by Sony that provides the most crystal clear image and vivid colors."

"I see! That's way better than my television back at home. It's like I could watch the nature channel and it would feel like I was in my back yard."

"But that's not all, it can also has a CD/DVD player so you may play music you want or enjoy a movie with out the worry of messy cords."

"Even though this HDTV may be a little costly, it definitely could revolutionize media control and allow maximum comfort. Oh, it looks like we have a question from the audience."

"Yes. I was wondering if such a device is truly a good thing for society at this point. It's not enough that people don't go outside enough now, but this television removes the need for the real. It just provides a simulation of what we have already simulated."

". . . . "

"Well . . . maybe. We'll let everyone think about that after message from our sponsors."

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Last modified 31 December 2006