HTC processes the next intuitive passage. The ongoing dream-narrative application that is always already in development presents a force of light whose voice is embodied in the grammatological line of flight the passage takes.

"Now is the time for you to access power," says the voice, "the power within your own imagination, the dream-apparatus you endlessly write into digital being. The first thing you need to do is encounter your screenal space of dreaming."

The light-force said the word "dreaming" in a way HTC had never heard before, as if it were the most optimized digital sequence of sounds ever produced.

"As the ultimate dream-narrative application whose navigational presence enables you to rebuild the foundations of existence in cyberspace, you will seek this internalized power and one of the avenues to this power is dreaming itself."

HTC watched the passage of light-force play itself out in the electrosphere's open-ended architecture.

"The first thing you must understand is that what you call dreaming is real. It is no longer possible to dissociate the dream from the real. Intuit your dreams and accept them as part of what's real and you will become empowered."

The light-force dematerialized and HTC was back in black, but as soon as the screen darkened HTC was teleported to another space where the next development was already writing itself out in another pseudo-autobiographical becoming.

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