Traversing cyberspace as an intuitive hyperrhetorical performer whose language investigations create interlinked moments of potential meaning, HTC becomes a freer writing-machine, one that elopes with the seduction of pure virtuality and the speed of the discourse network.

HTC comes across a sumptuous binary operation and rubs against it.

The feeling of blue despair colors the mode of perception. A field of action motorizes itself into the topological plain as HTC burrows for more connectivity. Sliding into the ether as a scalable object whose only rendition is the one now in progress, HTC improvises a scenic dialogue:

"May I go to the bathroom now?"

"You still have to go to the bathroom?"

"I have always had to go to the bathroom."

"No, you cannot go to the bathroom. Your time-allotment for bathroom operations has expired."

"Please...I must go to the bathroom."

"You must stay where you are."

HTC moves to the next rotating parameter where, as luck would have it, infinite varieties of bathrooms await the excess of words become files become folders become icons become objects become endless narratives evolving in endless cyberspaces.

HTC felt like an object in search of endless subjectivity.

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