love poem: easy connection

	The poetry of an access code, with some
	associated storage space, a breathing computer network
	located somewhere on the Net. It does 
       	not matter much what sort of computer network it is 
or where you might find it.  

That it may be there is just enough (just enough 
to change your life and make you realize it's only just begun).
(I have never
	laid eyes on a machine that gives me good head.  But access
to the network runs deeper. I suppose it is in our blood.  I don't
understand why it keeps pulling me in. There was no reason for
me to seek it out.) 

To get on the network
	physical connection


		host machine 


	digital link

phone lines
a modem, 
	  or even via a cellular 



love provides the access code and 

love provides the password ("Go.").

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